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Since traders are purchasing a contract for a set price, they know exactly how much they will gain or lose should the asset finish in-the-money or out-of-the-money. This built-in risk management gives binary option traders a peace of mind that other more traditional traders do not enjoy, and insures that binary option traders always know how much they can win and how much they can lose at all times.Binary options are relatively unfettered by regulation, making them an easy-to-access, highly-dynamic form of options trading. You can buy a binary option at any time of day or night, seven days a week. You can also purchase them from your own home, so long as you have an internet connection, and can use any number of services to get through them. And because of the low level of regulation, a much larger field of assets are offered through binary options than through traditional options trading. In the future this field is likely to expand even further, so that you can purchase contracts on assets far outside of the traditional trading realm.For many, investing can be an extremely stressful undertaking. The thought of exhausting income for a long-term payout is too difficult to manage. Traditional options can take years to mature while binary options are relatively short-term with extreme flexibility. Trading binary options allow the investor to experience a sense of control. At IvoryOption, the investor has the option to make at trade with expiry rates ranging from fifteen minutes to one month. This litheness permits the investor to yield acute earnings in a matter of minutes.Binary options provide an unequivocal advantage against volatile markets. Because binary options provide fixed rates of return and because trades are not actually capitalized in the underlying asset, volatile markets only provide opportunity rather than detriment.Unlike traditional options and the profit dependence of the difference between strike price and sell price, binary options do not require any more than one pip to be in the money. With all of these advantages, its no wonder that binary trading is such a rapidly expanding type of options trading. From the newcomer to the well-seasoned investor, binary option trading offers something for everyone high profits with minimal risk in a short period of time. To explain it simply the asset simply has to move in the direction you selected.This is the first component to any trade choosing an asset. At IvoryOption, over 100 underlying assets are available to clients. The assets are drawn from stocks, indices, foreign exchange, and commodities. Many traders focus on one asset or one sector or a compilation of many sectors. IvoryOption gives the client flexibility and control with its vast array of options.Once an underlying asset is chosen, the contract for the option must be executed. At IvoryOption, once again, flexibility is offered to its clientele. Contracts are offered with expiry rates ranging from fifteen minutes to thirty minutes to one hour to end of day to one week and to even one month. You, the client, can purchase a contract up to five minutes before expiration, allowing you to grab a hold of any trend.Finally, the prediction of the underlying asset is made. Depending on market data and other information used in guiding your prediction, a call option or a put option is determined. If you think an underlying asset will rise above the strike price, or the price of the asset at which the contract is executed, then a call option is placed. If you think the asset will fall below the strike price, a put option is placed. If the prediction is correct, your earnings will range from 75 to 81, which is approximately double the initial investment.Copyright 2015, IvoryOption, United Kingdom.Risk disclosure: When trading binary options, investors must take into consideration that when placing trades on options there is the risk that partial or full funds may be lost. Ivory Option instructs our clients and users to read our terms and conditions carefully before any positions are opened on our trading platform. The digital option quotations which are displayed on the trading platform are indicative rates at which the company is willing to sell options, which either may not correspond with live market quotes or quotes rates at the point of sale.Australian building approvals plunged by 6.9 in August month-over-month and rose by only 5.1 year-over-year. This fell short of expectations for a contraction of 2.0 and an increase of 7.4 respectively. Julys data was revised higher and now reflects an increase of 7.9 month-over-month and 17.9 year-over-year. Private sector credit posted an increase of 0.6 month-over-month and 6.3 year-over-year. This beat expectations for an increase of 0.5 and 6.2 respectively and followed Julys increase of 0.6 and 6.1.Housing starts in Japan rose by 8.8 in August year-over-year to 931,000 units which beat economists expectations for an increase of 7.6 to 920,000 units. Julys figure remained unrevised at an increase of 7.4 to 914,000 units. Dampening the better-than-expected data on housing starts was the 15.6 plunge in construction orders which followed Julys contraction of 4.0 and suggests a weaker housing starts figure moving forward.The ISM Manufacturing Index out of the United States is anticipated to decrease to 50.6 in September after being reported at 51.1. The ongoing decrease in this index have taken it dangerously close to the 50.0 level which equals a standstill while a level below 50.0 translates into a contraction. Prices Paid are expected to rise to 40 in September, up 1 point from Augusts level of 39 and in deflationary territory. An options trading newsletter can provide useful insights into the trading day ahead.AUD/USD The AUD/USD bounced higher after recording its intra-day low of 0.6936 on September 29th 2015 and successfully completed a breakout above its horizontal support level. The 50 Day Moving Average (DMA) started to advance, but remains below the descending 200 DMA. The Accelerator Oscillator (AC) indicates the build-up in upside pressure for this currency pair.